Spidholder™ Phone Stand
Spidholder™ Phone Stand
Spidholder™ Phone Stand
Spidholder™ Phone Stand
Spidholder™ Phone Stand
Spidholder™ Phone Stand

Spidholder™ Phone Stand

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Spidholder, a transformable, spider-structured smartphone & tablet stand.

This pocket-sized, eight-legged device stand docks, stands, grips or mounts virtually any handheld mobile device. Coated in soft-touch rubber, each adjustable steel arm can be freely bent, allowing you to securely enfold some arms around the device while using the others to create a base onto an elevated/ flat surfaceWhether you’re at home or on the go, Spidholder offers all-time support for devices: You can mount a smartphone like a miniature movie screen on the back of car seat, give a digital camera a ultra-stable tripod, and it’s even strong enough to fix to your handlebars for cycling! Rubber shell is incredibly flexible and absorbs any shock, so your devices are always kept safe and secure.


  • Spider-structured Phone Stand
    Eight-leg steel arms
    coated with soft-touch rubber provides free bending to securely hold virtually any handheld device including mobiles, tablets, digital cameras, gaming systems and more.
  • No Spacial Limitation
    Able to stand on a flat surface, latch onto elevated surfaces or mount to railings. The anti-slip rubber arms offer ultra-stable, shockproof gripping.

  • Optimal Viewing Angle
    Highly bendable arms
    allow for positioning tablets at virtually any angle in any position, in any location. Supports both landscape and portrait orientations.

  • Travel-friendly
    flexible, lightweight and foldable to pack flat for travel.
  • Wide Applications
    Can be used as a phone holder for car / bicycle handlebars / office use / entertaining use, or as a camera tripod. Practically use Spidholder for various purpose by bending the spider arms creatively.

  • Universally Fit
    Suitable for most mobile devices up to 5.5-inch wide. 


  • Material: Rubber, Metal
  • Color: Black / White / Pink / Red / Orange / Yellow / Green / Purple / Blue
  • Size as below:


  • 1 x Spidholder™ Phone Stand