Self-Locking Cable Ties (100 PCS)
Self-Locking Cable Ties (100 PCS)
Self-Locking Cable Ties (100 PCS)
Self-Locking Cable Ties (100 PCS)
Self-Locking Cable Ties (100 PCS)
Self-Locking Cable Ties (100 PCS)
Self-Locking Cable Ties (100 PCS)
Self-Locking Cable Ties (100 PCS)

Self-Locking Cable Ties (100 PCS)

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Whether you are doing home repairs or for industrial projects, these 100 packs of premium cable ties are your best friend. Made of high-quality stainless steel material with good tensile strength that allows fixing or fastening wires, poles, pipes and more! Simply pull the cable tie through the self-locking clasp to provide a secure grip that won’t loose once fastened. A true masterpiece that you can rely on!   

An effective binder, one piece construction that provides consistent performance and maintainability. Suitable to be installed even in extreme conditions and harsh environments, be it indoor, outdoor or even underground! Perfect for mining, automotive, home repairs, shipbuilding and more that requires fastening or securing.

Why settle for less when you can have this one piece construction to solve all your fastening problems!


  • Self-Locking Mechanism
    These cable ties are designed with an easy to install, self-locking ball bearing head fastener. Simply roll it over the pipes or wires and the tie will automatically lock into place once you pull through the clasp. A great universal zip tie that offers unparalleled strength and allows to secure wires, cables, pipes and more without loosening after being fastened.
  • 100 Reliable Metal Ties
    Packs of heavy-duty premium fasteners to use! Secure your wires, pipes and more even in the most extreme temperatures and severe environmental conditions with these 100pcs of fast, easy and reliable installation of cable ties! A sure fastening that can last a lifetime. 
  • Wide Application
    A multi-purpose metal locking ties that can operate in limitless applications for about every home and industrial uses. Including power stations, mining, petrochemical, shipbuilding, automotive, home repairs, garage tidying and more endless possibilities!
  • Premium Material
    Made of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel that offers increased strength and durability than any other cable ties. Providing you an excellent resistance to corrosion, vibration, radiation, weathering and extremes of temperature. Perfect for bundling wires or pipes in hazardous areas, both indoor and outdoor. 



  • Self-Locking Cable Ties
  • Weight: 200G
  • Size: 4.6 x 100MM / 150MM / 200MM / 250MM
  • Stainless Steel Cable Tie Pliers
  • Material: SKD11 & TPR
  • Weight: 705G
  • Size: 29 × 17 × 5CM


  • 100 x Pcs x Self-Locking Cable Ties


  • 1 Pc x Stainless Steel Cable Tie Pliers