Pocket Wrist Wallet (50% OFF)
Pocket Wrist Wallet (50% OFF)
Pocket Wrist Wallet (50% OFF)
Pocket Wrist Wallet (50% OFF)
Pocket Wrist Wallet (50% OFF)
Pocket Wrist Wallet (50% OFF)

Pocket Wrist Wallet (50% OFF)

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Pocket Wrist Wallets hold your keys, cash, cards, ID and iPods. The perfect solution to lightening your load, whether for travel, work or play. Made of polyester and spandex, they are lightweight and comfortable against your skin.
    The Pocket Wrist Wallet is a great substitute for a heavy purse or bag. Those looking for a more comfortable and lightweight option, look no further. Easily grab your items when you’re on the go. Save time and keep items close by with this wrist wallet for running.

    Made of our custom PolySpandex fabric blend, it is very light and stretches to fit a variety of items. Some of our customers even depend on the wrist wallet to hold their inhalers and other medical devices. Use it as your new favorite insulin pump holder! The fabric is very durable and has been in use and constantly improved for the past 10 years. The fabric is also machine washable.
    It has 2 pockets, 1 zippered pocket and 1 fold over pocket. The zippered pocket can be used for your more valuable goods. The fold over pocket has more give, so most customers use it for their phones and other bulkier items. Securely store whatever you need with confidence.

    Highly regarded by today’s top travelers. Travel lightly, protect yourself from pickpocketing, and keep your valuables safe and secure with our wrist wallet. The wrist wallet is perfect for holding cash, credit cards, and id’s.

    The wrist wallet is not only great for traveling but many other activities. Other common uses of the wrist wallet include but aren’t limited to: running, walking, fishing, races, camping, hiking, music festivals/concerts, trade shows, and so much more! The fabric is also machine washable.so it’s incredibly easy to clean.

    • Size: 9.5 x 10 cm
    • Material: Polyester + Spandex
    • Color: Red, Marine, Black, Pink, Tiffany Blue, Gray

    Product Includes:
    • 1 x Pocket Wrist Wallet