Black Diamond Poker (Set of 54 Cards)
Black Diamond Poker (Set of 54 Cards)
Black Diamond Poker (Set of 54 Cards)
Black Diamond Poker (Set of 54 Cards)
Black Diamond Poker (Set of 54 Cards)
Black Diamond Poker (Set of 54 Cards)
Black Diamond Poker (Set of 54 Cards)

Black Diamond Poker (Set of 54 Cards)

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Make a one of a kind card game experience with this premium black deck card! 

This sleek black foiled card features distinct, high-end prints and patterns. Making it visible and easy to read even with the stunning black on black design. Made with durable, non-fade material and 180° flexibility. Preventing it from damaging even after extended rounds of use. A perfect deck for playing card games, performing magic tricks, cardistry performance and even just for collection!  

You don't have to be a professional card player to use this fine set of cards. It grips the player’s hand easily and comfortably. Providing you a better card control for a smooth, effortless shuffling and fanning. This deck card is completely waterproof! Allowing you to have an enjoyable game whenever you are! Perfect whether you're at the beach, pool party, bars and other wet or humid environment!    

Beat your boredom away with a stunning deck card that you can play even under the pouring rain! 


  • Fancy Deck Cards
    A stunning black foil playing cards with a distinct, high-end print and patterns that exudes quality and style. Featuring smooth, clean edges individual cards for a more comfortable game play.
  • Easy to Shuffle
    Designed with perfect thickness and flexibility that can be bent up to 180° and springs back quickly after. It grips the player's fingers easily and allows you to hold the card comfortably for better control. Ideal for doing shuffles and cuts during a game or magic tricks while making it look effortless.
  • 100% Waterproof
    Make your poker game more fun with these waterproof deck cards! Perfect set to play with even when you’re at the beach, pool, bars or any wet and humid situations. 
  • Anti-Peep Cards
    This set of cards is perfect for every game night as it prevents anyone from cheating. The black foil feature blocks anyone from seeing the pip and value of the card when playing. Perfect even when used under a bright light.
  • Great Gifts
    A unique gift for everyone including friends, magicians, aspiring poker players, card enthusiasts and more!
  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality, durable material with a non-fade, scratch-resistance design that can handle a lot of wear and tear.


  • Material: 100% PVC material
  • Color: Black
  • Card Size: 63 x 88 mm
  • Thickness: 0.30 mm 


  • 1 Deck x Black Diamond Playing Cards (54 cards)